VERITADYNE is a principled and practiced advisor to leading corporations, governments, non-governmental organisations, academia, civil societies, businesses and individuals worldwide.

We are trusted partners in building stronger organisations, resilient business practices, and enhanced strategic capabilities.

We are committed to provide independent insights that effect differentiating advantage and drive transformation towards long-term stakeholder value creation.

We are powered by the aspirations of our clients and our confidence in making a measurable and sustainable impact.

We believe Excellence is beyond outstanding and Intellect beyond erudition; and that neither is beyond reach.



We work with our clients across every level of their organisation, inspiring higher ambitions, devising transformative yet practical strategies, and delivering enduring excellence through unbounded intellect.

We pioneer methodologies beyond the apparent and accepted to build stronger organisations, resilient business practices, and enhanced capabilities.

We challenge organisations to unlock their true power, perform beyond conventional expectations, and achieve sustainable progress.

We empower our network of experts including researchers, strategists, technologists, educators, arbiters, and delivery specialists to envision and continually develop innovative approaches to solving any challenge.

At VERITADYNE we reimagine consulting.


Sunitha Shyam – CEO & Founding Partner

  • Life sciences, healthcare, and biopharm
  • Organisational leadership and stratergy
  • Public affairs and policy making
  • Education and societal impact

 Vikash Sananda – Executive Director & Partner

  • Technology, digital, and media
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Strategic communications
  • International relations